Why PastorMatch?

Over the past several years of working with local churches and districts, we discovered a need to provide a central location for judicatories, pastors, and churches to help identify potential pastors. PastorMatch.org features include some of the following:

Adjust Profile Visibility

Pastors can choose to keep their profile hidden or make it visible to all judicatories seeking assignments.

A Complete Profile

In collaboration with judicatories, 60+ questions have been formulated to help identify suitable pastors for churches that are currently in pastoral transition.

Stream-lined Database

Judicatories can save time by identifying strong candidates with all the information in one location (references, resumes, profile questions, etc.). Once your research is done, utilize the provided contact information to begin reaching out.

Refine Searches

Judicatories can narrow down search results using various filters to help identify potential candidates quickly and easily.

Affordable Pricing

We offer life-time profiles for pastors at an affordable one time cost of $25.00.

We offer annual $400.00 subscriptions to Districts/Judicatories.

Judicatory Participation

Nationwide Participation

PastorMatch currently has nationwide participation by judicatories. Pastors are exposed to various ministry opportunities in various locations and styles across the nation.

Participating Districts

Alabama South : Mark Berry
Alaska : Paul Hartley
Central California : Rob Songer
Dallas : Keven Wentworth
Eastern Kentucky : Douglas Wyatt
Florida District : Larry Dennis
Hawaii Pacific : Rick Power
Indianapolis : Ron Blake
Intermountain : Scott Shaw
Iowa : Kim Smith
Kansas City : Diane Estep
Kentucky : Brian Powell
Louisiana : Chuck Fountain
Michigan : Kevin Hardy
MidSouth : Midsouth District church of the nazarene
Missouri : Michael Palmer
North Arkansas : Randy Berkner
North Carolina : Greg Mason
North Central Ohio : Wendell Brown
Northeast Indiana : David Roland
Northern California Church of the Nazarene : Gary Moore
Northwest : Randy Craker
Northwest Indiana : Dave Bartley
Northwestern Illinois : Scott Sherwood
Philadelphia : Kerry Willis
Pittsburgh : Dan Eddings
Prairie Lakes District : Steve Hoffman
Sacramento : Steve Scott
South Central Ohio : Trevor Johnston
South Texas : Jeffrey Johnson
South Texas : K ray Mcdowell
Southern California : Tom Taylor
Southwest Indiana : Tim Crump
Southwest Oklahoma : Jim Cooper
Upsate New York : Kevin Dunlop
Virginia : Phil Fuller
Washington Pacific : Jerry Kester
Wisconsin : Kevin Donley


We would be happy to hear from you. You can read more in our 'About Us' pages or check out our FAQ page. Also feel free to reach out to us via email if you desire.

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